Meet the Clike e-bike.

Dutch design and build.

The Clike seat post features parallelogram suspension for ultimate ride comfort.

The steer stem of Clike is foldable and height adjustable.

This contributes to the Clike being compact to store.

The Clike e-bike has a fully automatic stepless gear hub system from Enviolo. This system is adjustable via the display on the handlebar. Automatic shifting gives a feeling of luxury and comfort and results in faster acceleration than other systems.

Because this is an enclosed system, it is completely maintenance free.

The Koala Clicker profile, which is integrated at several places on the frame, offers the possibility to simply 'click-on' various accessories to the bicycle.

The removable Lithium-Ion 36V 496.8WH battery from BMZ gives you a range of about 75km.

The powerful MPF mid-engine (80Nm torque) ensures a comfortable ride with ample support at your disposal at all times.


The smart compact geometry, the 20″ wheels, the foldable steer and the foldable pedals all result in the compact dimensions of the Clike. The compact dimensions of the Clike bring ease and convenience upon storing the bike.

The folded compact dimensions are:
0.95m x 0.32m x 1.65m


During the Clike development every component was carefully selected on being the most comfortable solution possible. All to give you the best possible luxurious ride on the bike.

  • Enviolo automatic gears
  • Powerfull mid drive motor that delivers up to 400% support
  • Luxurious parallellogram seat post suspension


Our patented Koala Clicker system allows you to quickly and easily attach a whole range of accessories to the Clike frame.

Infinite accessories, one connector


Clike accessories

Our development team constantly works on adding new innovative and convenient items to our accessory-range.
Please let us know what would be your favorite future accessory. Good and feasible ideas will be rewarded. Together we can build the Clike future!

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Our mission

To develop the ultimate compact e-bike that adapts to the user’s lifestyle. Add to this that we want to help decrease environmental footprints by offering people a viable and comfortable option to commuting by car.


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