Clike bikes

Infinite accessories, one connector.



We believe that our customers deserve a product that brings them convenience and a chance to express themselves in a creative way.

Our team has developed an e-bike that is compact, beautifully designed but above all different – the Clike.


The Clike e-bike

Experience the high-end, innovative Clike.


The Koala Clicker

The Koala Clicker connects each of our accessories to the Clike frame within seconds.


The Accessories

Our wide range of accessories provides you with the opportunity to customize your Clike.


Your Ideas

You have an idea for a new accessory that you would like to attach to your Clike? Share it with us!



Our Concept

We would like to introduce you to the Clike. The Clike has a unique and innovative design which makes it the first of its kind on the global market. The frame of the Clike allows the customer to easily attach accessories with one simple mechanism – the Koala Clicker.


Personalize your Clike

Our assortment of accessories is specially designed to satisfy your needs. You can bring along your crate, bags, belongings, or groceries comfortably. Or you can keep yourself out of the wind with our windscreen.

The Best Specs

Coffee Bean

Mid drive motor


Coffee Bean

Hydrolic Disk Brakes


Coffee Bean

Automatic Gears


Coffee Bean

Suspensioned front fork and seatpost


Coffee Bean

Integrated battery


Coffee Bean

Hub Dynamo


Coffee Bean

Hub Dynamo


“We aim to have the best quality on the market”

Our Partners

About us

We were inspired by the idea of the continuous evolution of the bicycle and we wanted to be a part of it. That is why we designed the revolutionary Clike. We wanted to develop an e-bike which improves the quality of life of our customers and also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint on our environment. We wanted to create an e-bike that is compact yet trendy, beautifully designed but above all different – the Clike.

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